Mar 2011

A day in Copenhagen

Lessons learned in Copenhagen:
Do not eat a hot dog in an open place.
Why? The wind claims half of it as soon as you hold it in your hands. My personal Copenhagen interpretation of quantum physics is therefore:
Small particles like air molecules feed on hot dogs. Proven by observation. The old masters got it all wrongWinking

Food: The Turkish restaurant „Sultan Palace“ is great. I enjoyed an iskender kebab there. Hmm, lecker. Valkendorfsgade 34.

Little Mermaid: Well, I had an appointment with her, but she was not there. Disappointing girl. In the internet I found she went to Shanghai. I think she is overrated anyway. This city has such a richness of various architecture and sculptures etc. that I don’t really understand why she is always Nr. 1 when you google Copenhagen.

Tango: I have visited the tango lounge. OMG, there were only a few people, but several maestros. Great!


Trip to Hannover

Visiting friends in Hannover: We were lucky with the weather and made a trip to the mother nature. This place is called Hohenstein. There is a nice rock on which you can rest and enjoy the view after half an hour of going up a few hundred meters. Pity that we didn’t think of bringing our picnic. We could enjoy the awakening of the nature in springtime and the sun shine. There were very few people around. I guess because it was a Tuesday. If you like mountain biking, this is a nice place to go.

More precise location: Hannover -> Hameln -> Papmühle -> HohensteinDSC00855P1010800

Carnival in Cologne or - Kölle Alaaf!

Coming back from Helsinki, I needed a few days to recover from the cold in Helsinki. But on last Thursday was the first day of the carnival. I had to go, no matter the costWinking
So, I was there, 3 days of drinking Kölsch, singing (partly) along songs in Kölsch-German was great fun. I was dressed as a copilot of a cheap airline. Was funny. But again, when I was back, this time I had a serious cold for 4 days...
I think they should change the rule when carnival is celebrated. 40 days before easter sucks. I suggest 40 days after EasterWinking

Helsinki - Frost Bite Festival

Same day I finished work, I took a flight to Helsinki to a tango festival. It was really nice, but the February is the coldest month there. They call that festival „Frostbite“ for a reason... It is a very modern city. The trams come so often that you don’t freeze in the cold. I am sure it is extra beautiful to be there in the summer. The architecture reminds me Berlin..

Sabatical Year

I started my unpaid leave for a year about two weeks ago. The idea is to travel around in eastern and southern Europe in a caravan. I always thought I should travel more. Now I just created the time. I will use it for traveling and reseting my brain to reorient myself. This will be the start of the second half of my life. Current course is second star to the right and straight on till the morning.